Members of KIBF has been pivotal in helping me understand the situation in Iraq better. I have been able to fill the gaps between reality and assumption.  They understand the importance of communication and know the way how to approach to get things done right.

Prof. Goodman M. KANG Ph.D / Certified Management Consultant

 by Korea Ministry of SMEs and Startups

I have met Mr. Hugh, a member of KIBF back in 2012 and joined him in several business trips to Iraq and other countries. I have found the man helpful, decent and honourable in his dealing with colleagues, friends, customers and international business organisations. I can trust Mr. Hugh with my life and my money. We meet almost every week and I regard him as decent business man and a good friend of mine.

Dr. Murtadha Nasrullah, BSc, MSc, PhD, CEng

To be honest, I was tired of getting the information about Iraq and Korea. So much lack of the information available in one country whereas other bombarded me with flood of information. Thanks to KIBF, I was able to save effort and time to get to know these countries and obviously which made me generate many tangible ideas. Thanks KIBF !

Mr. Ali Khan, Chairman of Skycity Hotel

I know Hugh for nearly 25 years. He is one of the most excellent communicators. His strength is building strong relationships across all relevant parties engaging support for the delivery of his vision. A huge commercial tenacity and strong belief in win win partnerships is tempered with an equal sense of fun. Sincerely hope we cross paths again.

Mr. Steve SHIN, Senior Vice president of LG Electronics

KIBF is always responsive to any question I have when it comes Iraq. They keep me informed and they understand what I am trying to achieve. I firmly believe that any time that I make contact with them, they help me out without hesitation throughout their utmost knowledge and experience.

Mr. Yan LI

I know some of the members in KIBF. I’ve absolutely loved working with them. They helped me learn comprehensive history, culture, business practices of Iraq which is never acquired lively without them. Pretty much sure that others can get their support as well.

Mr. Mirco Biserna , CEO of GECKO Trading SRL

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